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Sheen Educational Foundation

Sheenway School and Culture Center has been serving the communities of Watts and South Los Angeles for 50 years, and the community of Sasekope Village, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa for 26 years.

Sheenway does not receive, nor has ever received, any government funding and depends solely on contributions, partnerships, and volunteers, so your generosity is priceless!

The Sheenway Experience encourages children to learn, work, play and share ideas - 'stuff' that dreams are made of...and their dreams matter! Due to the Covid-19 crisis effects, we need your support now more than ever. We are seeking financial help for tuitions, scholarships, student tech support, as well as help with our new EduTech Center.

Students must now work from home and many of our students do not have tools necessary to do so. The EduTech Center will be an incubator for interdisciplinary exploration, research, and indigenous development - a guide for intellectual and moral solidarity with untethered empowerment to dream, to create, and to be.

Your donations are making this dream come true! We need funds for, or in-kind donations of, iMac Pros; Mac books; iPads; printers; drives, streaming equipment; podcast equipment; cameras; internet activities; internet access for stay at home students; modems; and other items for display technologies. You can make this possible.

To compete and succeed in today's digital world, students must have the opportunity and tools to learn how to design, create, and present a host of multimedia projects. Importantly, the EduTech Lab will bridge the Sheenway Ghana campus to the Sheenway L.A. campus for the simultaneous access of student progressives - facilitating virtual labs, molecular workbenches, and other interactive simulations - individually, and with global tandem.

Please help us reach our goal. We cannot do this without you.

From the heart of Sheenway School and Culture Center we thank you for your support.

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Sheen Educational Foundation

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